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Welcome to Honest Iceland!

Behind this page are two creative minds that want you to enjoy this incredible island to the fullest!

Aðalbjörn (translation: the main bear) is born and raised in Reykjavík Iceland. He loves penguins, but early on had to realize that they live on the other pole. Alli enjoys chatting with Iceland visitors at his work, where he learns all about your challenges, questions, needs, and wishes. He likes traveling around the island but hates winter in Iceland.

Steffi lives in Iceland since 2016. After various jobs in the tourism sector, and traveling the country, she understands which planning tools Iceland visitors need. From the perspective of a visitor, Steffi shares insights that would have made her first visit easier while understanding the country much better.

We create the content on this page in a team effort. We believe that we can help you prepare for a fantastic Iceland journey.

Taking pictures is something we enjoy, but we are not professional photographers. That’s why we use various sources for our images like Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels, and Envato Elements. We aim to credit all photographers on our page.

Every Thursday, we publish a new episode of our podcast HONEST ICELAND TALK

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We would love to hear your feedback. What topics should do you want us to cover? What do you like about the podcast and is there anything you want us to improve? Use the Contact Form or send an email to podcast@honesticeland.com