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Every week, Aðalbjörn and Steffi let you learn more about the land of fire and ice. How to travel light, Do’s and Dont’s, great stories, and little-known mysteries. Get to know Iceland inhabitants, their everyday life, and what makes this island so unique.

I’ve been listening to tons of Iceland travel podcasts since booking our 2021 trip. This is by far the best! Packed full of really useful and interesting information. You get to hear the point of view from a local and an outsider. Funny, sweet and well informed hosts!
James and Steven

About the show

Glaciers, Volcanoes, Northern Lights, and Puffins are some of the first things people associate with Iceland. We want to add unpredictable weather, long roads, strong wind adventures.

We have seen Iceland visitors coming and going, hearing all kinds of questions and giving helpful tips. Now we want to help you prepare for your Iceland adventure, what to pack, where to go, and how to save money and time.

On the way there, you can get to know Iceland’s culture and people, from the perspective of a native and a German who left everything behind to move to Iceland. Hear stories and old myths, Steffi and Allis first-hand experience and useful travel knowledge. Every week! Thank you for tuning in.

Meet the Hosts


Aðalbjörn Unnar Jóhannsson

Alli is born and raised in Reykjavík, working most of his life in Iceland´s tourist sector. He wants visitors to avoid common mistakes and enjoy the country like a local. 

Grimsey Honest Iceland

Steffi Meisl

After moving to Iceland in 2016, Steffi worked in tourism for several years, learning about the struggles that Iceland visitors have. Adding this to her first-hand experience, she wants to help other visitors to make the best out of their Iceland Trip.

Honest Iceland Talk

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